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'Bowled, But Not Out' by Ruchira Khanna ~ Spotlight

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'We Women Wonder' by Inderpreet Uppal ~ Spotlight

We Women Wonder talks about the various aspects in a life of a woman which are stepping stones but many are just stones in her path.

This book talks of the diverse issues she faces, the support she gets and why her progress is riddled with ambushes at each step.

We Women Wonder is not just a morale booster for women in all stages of their lives but also for men who wish to understand women better, trying to figure out what makes her the enigma she is.

We Women Wonder is a book about the story of every woman, you might find your reflection too.
Thoughts, quotes and determination can make a woman stronger, a survivor but she is a winner regardless.
"When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier." – Diane Von Furstenberg.
A journey into what keeps us women ticking.
What annoys the hell out of us?
What are we women really about?
How does the world see us?
Is the world changing for us or are we just dreaming?
What is our success and what it means to a woman?
We Women Wonder…

'In Love With Her Millionaire Foe' by Aarti V Raman

In Love With Her Millionaire Foe (Millionaire Foe Quartet Book 1)Genre:Steamy Romance
Blurb:“So you’ll help me?” Aaliya asked.“Don’t I always?” Jamie answered bleakly.Jamie Curran Smith finally has the millions and the power to return to London and exact his vengeance.He has only one agenda: to destroy Camilla Everton’s sons. The five brothers responsible for his orphaned, miserable childhood.And he is willing to use any means necessary to accomplish his goal.Even lie to the most forbidden, precious woman who’d once loved him with her heart, body and soul. Pharma heiress, Aaliya Singhania is caught in a terrible dilemma.She is engaged to the oldest Everton brother – Patrick - handpicked for her since birth and current CEO of Root Pharmaceuticals. But Aaliya has an open dirty secret. She’s always been in love with Jamie Curran Smith.The bad boy who picked the enemy because of his vendetta against the Evertons. Now, Jamie storms back into her life! Right when Aaliya and Root Pharmaceut…

'With Their Love' by Vash Karuppa ~ Spotlight

With Their Love (Keshavam Connections – Book 3)byVash KaruppaGenre: Contemporary/Diverse Romance

BlurbMahika Raj and Aruven Sriram had one thing in common: the marriage between her best friend, Samiksha and his brother, Theviyan. They haven’t spent much time together in the past, but their lives take a turn and become irrevocably entwined when tragedy strikes. An accident killing Samiksha and Theviyan leaves their four-year old daughter, Pravani, orphaned. Mahika and Aruven are forced to accept joint guardianship and live together for six months, knowing it’s the only way to ensure Pravani’s emotional well-being and help her cope with the sudden death of her parents.
Mahika and Aruven work hard to navigate through their newfound roles and form an unexpected bond. They are unconditionally supported by their family and circle of friends, not realising how, even in death, Theviyan and Samiksha ensured that these bonds are strengthened and treasured.
Although Mahika once vowed to keep her d…

'Unspoken' by Sadhana Wadhwa ~ Spotlight

Unspoken ~ A Bouquet of Short Stories bySadhana Wadhwa Publication Date: November 6, 2019Sold By: Amazon Asia Pacific Holdings Private LimitedLanguage: EnglishGenre: Contemporary Fiction, Anthologies Blurb: The choices we make and their consequences we endure can be numerous. Look around and you will be able to see a different story being woven in everyone’s lives: A woman who took the biggest decision of her life and paid the price, or then someone who had it all till one fateful night threatened to take it all away. Unrequited love and loss, or a second chance at reviving severed ties. Unspoken brings to you a collection of seven such stories, which take you through the journey of these souls, controlled by the biggest mystery of the universe that we call life. Grab your copy @ Amazon IN | Universal Link to Amazon BookstoreQuotes Liked by Readers: ~ “Neither knew where they would go from here except that it would not be anything related to growing apart this time.”~ “She hugged her tigh…

'Hope? I Hope Not!' by Raghav Gautam ~ Spotlight

Hope? I Hope Not!Genre:Short Story CollectionBlurb:'Hope? Hope not!' is a collection of stories from all walks of life and all age groups. It's is a reflection on human behavior and its peculiarities, written from the narrative perspective. The story traps the struggles and aspirations of the common men through different themes and genres.Intro Story:‘There are two kinds of hope’, he read through the text he had written and memorized. He was to give this speech at many motivational talks he would be giving once he achieved his goals. ‘The one hope is which drives you towards your goals. It is the hope that is the burning fire when you are cold and dark. This hope has been the reason for all the good things in the world.’ He paused, reflecting on his own life.‘There’s another hope, it’s a disease disguised as hope. You don’t achieve anything, get a false sense of failure and victory because your heart and brain fail to differentiate between truth and deception. Yes, you get…

'I Am The 10th' by D. R. Downer ~ Spotlight

I Am The 10th (Navruts series- Book 1)Genre:Historical thrillerBlurb:Based in modern times, ‘I Am The 10th’ is the story of one of the oldest, and arguably the mightiest cults that originated during the 3rd century BC in India.Sarah, a happily married lady from New Delhi, India, wakes up one fine morning in an unknown place. It’s not her home, not her city; it’s not even her country. What is she doing there? How did she reach there? Where is her family?Her search to all these questions takes her on a journey, a long journey that had started way back in the 3rd century BC. She finds out that everything she thought she knew about her- her marriage, husband, family, home, India, even her name- was a lie. Will she be able to find out the truth? More importantly, will she be able to handle the truth if she finds it out?