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'With You I Dance', by Aarti V.Raman

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With You I Dance
by Aarti V Raman

My Review

Let me start this review, by telling what is it that I really do expect in a novel. I'm sure you, the readers, will be able to relate to it well too. So, here goes... I expect a good and binding story-line, a seamless and flowing narrative, relatable and likeable characters, and impeccable yet easy dialogues.
Too much to expect, I know. Did I get at least some of them, in 'With You I Dance'? Well, not really.
I didn't get 'some' of them; I got them all and much more, much, much more.
As a reviewer, I get to read and review 3-4 books every month from different authors around the globe. It is bound to start becoming a little monotonous and repetitive after a while, especially so, when every other writer decides to play it safe and stick to the proven & popular genre of romance. How many love stories can one read after all? How many typical Bollywood styled girl-meets-boy-they-fall-in-love-in-comes-the-vill…