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'Self-editing, Editing and Editors' by Inderpreet Uppal ~ Book Review

Inderpreet Uppal


Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors will help writers and authors demystify the nitty-gritty of editing.
The Writer's Toolkit covers the basic steps needed to ensure that you have a well-edited book.
Editing Simplified!
Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on :
How to search for an editor, and how to negotiate and finalise the right editor?
Do you need self-editing?
How can self-editing help you?
How to ensure that you have the best editor?
Why does every writer need an editor?
How to negotiate, find the right editor and have the best contract?
How to ensure your work is safe and edited as per your needs?
All your questions and doubts answered.
The Writer's Toolkit is for Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors for a polished book and a calm author.
Editing explained and why you need it.

My Review

One of the biggest apprehensions that many new writers entering into self-publishing have is editing. They have written the story they had in their mind (or heart, whatever the case may be), but what stops them from putting it out their for the world to read is the validation from an editor. They know they have to run it through a professional editor, but they are not sure whom to trust or even how to go about looking for one who would be a right fit for their style of writing.

Inderpreet Uppal has tried to address the very issue through her book, 'Self-editing, Editing and Editors'.  A lot of questions that new writers might face have been answered directly or indirectly. Being a published author herself as well as a professional editor, Inderpreet speaks with an authority on the subject that every new writer should/ must pay heed to.

I recommend this book to all those who have finished their manuscripts or are in the process of doing so.  Getting a professional editor to go through your manuscript is imperative. How to go about it, how to make sure it's a right fit, how to ensure the safety of your MS, and what to do before handing it to the editor...these and many more such questions will be answered once you read the book.

I give this book a full, five out of five stars.

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About the author

Inderpreet writes for her love of writing, edits manuscripts and reads endlessly. 

A sprinkling of fiction, a dash of books, and a bit of opinion add to the eclectic mix that is Eloquent Articulation, her blog.

Books, editing, writing, and blogging keep her busy whenever she gets a breather from mothering her ‘too tricky to handle son’. 

An Army brat, she now joins her adorable Army hubby across the country. "

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my book, Deep. I am glad you find my book useful. I am grateful for the support.


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